Package nl.justobjects.pushlet.core

Interface Summary
ClientAdapter Adapter interface for encapsulation of specific HTTP clients.
ConfigDefs Definition of config property strings.
EventSource Interface for specifc Event(Pull/Push)Sources.
Protocol Constants for Pushlet protocols.

Class Summary
BrowserAdapter Generic implementation of ClientAdapter for browser clients.
Command Wraps pushlet request/response data.
Config Loads and maintains overall configuration.
Controller Handles servlet requests from client.
Dispatcher Routes Events to Subscribers.
Event Represents the event data.
EventParser Parses XML into Event objects.
EventPullSource ABC for specifc EventPullSources.
EventQueue FIFO queue with guarded suspension.
EventSourceManager Maintains lifecycle of event sources.
SerializedAdapter Implementation of ClientAdapter that sends Events as serialized objects.
Session Represents client pushlet session state.
SessionManager Manages lifecycle of Sessions.
Subscriber Handles data channel between dispatcher and client.
Subscription Represents single subject subscription
XMLAdapter ClientAdapter that sends Events as XML.

Copyright 2000-2003 - Just Objects B.V.