1. Introduction
2. Motivation
3. Notification Solutions
  3.2.Server-side callbacks
  3.3.Messaging (MOM)
4. Pushlet Basics
  4.1.HTTP Streaming
  4.2.Example 1
  4.3.Example 2
5. Not just Java - Dynamic HTML
6. Design of the Framework
  6.1.Server-side class design
    6.1.1.Scenario: Event Subscription
    6.1.2.Scenario: Sending and Dispatching Events
  6.2.Client-side framework
7. Applications
  7.3.Distributed Model View Controller (MVC)
  7.4.Web Presentations
  7.5.User Assistance
  7.6.Community Tools
8. Liabilities
9. Further Work
  9.1.Additional client receiver-protocols such as TCP and UDP
  9.2.additional client sender-protocols
  9.3.subject state