This site is dedicated to Pushlets, an Free and Open Source (LGPL) HTTP-based publish/subscribe framework, now even AJAX enabled. Read this whitepaper to get a first idea of the why, what and how and try out the Pushlet demos. A full DHTML publish/subscribe example is the Chat demo. Additionally, you may want to read my JavaWorld (now InfoWorld) article on Pushlets.

Many other references can be found on the web (e.g. try a search on "pushlets" on Google). In print "Professional JSP" (Wrox Press 1th ed.) devotes text to Pushlets starting on page 610.

More and more Pushlets find their way into applications.

What's New ?

5-feb-2010: v2.0.4 released

Yes it has been a while ! Mainly some bugfixes and logging (log4j support) enhancements. Download is available from SourceForge See also the release notes.

24-nov-2007: v2.0.3 released

Various bugfixes and hooks for declarative extensibility. Download is available from SourceForge See also the release notes.

25-may-2006: v2.0.2 released

Most important change is the addition of an AJAX JavaScript client. Download is available from SourceForge. See also the release notes.

9-may-2006: AJAX client library

A first version of a Pushlet AJAX client library is available. Some of the examples like the Chat demo are already using this AJAX client. For several reasons it may be more optimal to use the AJAX library. The AJAX client library is used extensively in my GeoTracing projects for real-time GPS tracking on a Google Map.

2-mar-2005: v2.0.0 available

You can now download v2.0.0 from SourceForge

18-feb-2005: v2 upcoming

The examples on this site now run a preview of v2.0.0. You may want to download preview versions.

24-september-2004: status page added

As v2.0.0 is under development, following the RoadMap document, I have added a Status document.

16-november-2003: applications page added

Started compiling a list of applications.

18-august-2003: v1.0.0 released

Finally it has happened. This site reflects v1.0.0.

18-may-2003: XML Streams

The upcoming v1.0.0 supports XML encoded Events.

1-may-2003: Revised DHTML

Working towards version 1.0.0, I completely redid the DHTML implementation. The examples should now work for most browsers (but one never knows!). Also the webpresentation teacher/student example is fixed

20-sep-2002: Pushlet development moved to SourceForge

See sourceforge.net/projects/pushlets

6-aug-2002: Pushlets now running on Apache/Tomcat

5-aug-2002: Redesign of this site using XBook

29-jul-2002: Pushlet v0.0.7 available (see download)

14-feb-2002: Pushlet v0.0.6 .war update available! (see download)

10-mar-2002: Now running on a new server and domain: www.pushlets.com


During jan-may 2000 this server has welcomed 1000s of unique visitors and about 100s of downloads. I've gotten many positive responses, both from gurus in the DHTML world (Dan Steinman and Danny Goodman) and the servlet world (Jason Hunter). But I am also wondering what your opinion is and if the you are able to get Pushlets working in various servlet engines.

I've set up a Pushlet discussion list at YahooGroups, so that your opinions can be shared. I will forward some of the private email responses I've gotten to that list. Click here to go to the discussion page.

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